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    Adaptation to pollination by fungus gnats underlies the evolution of pollination syndrome in the genus Euonymus 
    Floral volatiles evoke partially similar responses in both florivores and pollinators and are correlated with non-volatile reward chemicals 

    Mixed pollination system and floral signals of Paepalanthus (Eriocaulaceae): insects and geitonogamy ensure high reproductive success 
    Influence of increased nutrient availability on biogenic volatile organic compound (BVOC) emissions and leaf anatomy of subarctic dwarf shrubs under climate warming and increased cloudiness 
    Simulated herbivory enhances leaky sex expression in the dioecious herb Mercurialis annua 

    Evolution of floral scent in relation to self-incompatibility and capacity for autonomous self-pollination in the perennial herb Arabis alpina 
    "A commentary on: 'Divergence in floral scent and morphology, but not thermogenic traits, associated with pollinator shift in two brood-site-mimicking Typhonium (Araceae) species'" 
    "Divergence in floral scent and morphology, but not thermogenic traits, associated with pollinator shift in two brood-site-mimicking Typhonium (Araceae) species" 

    Diel scent and nectar rhythms of an African orchid in relation to bimodal activity patterns of hawkmoth pollinators 
    "Long-term effects of elevated CO2, nighttime warming and drought on plant secondary metabolites in a temperate heath ecosystem" 
    Exploring evolutionary theories of plant defence investment using field populations of the deadly carrot 
    Anaesthesia with diethyl ether impairs jasmonate signalling in the carnivorous plant Venus flytrap (Dionaea muscipula) 
    Simulated folivory increases vertical transmission of fungal endophytes that deter herbivores and alter tolerance to herbivory in Poa autumnalis 
    Resource manipulation through experimental defoliation has legacy effects on allocation to reproductive and vegetative organs in Quercus ilex 

    Duplication and selection in beta-ketoacyl-ACP synthase gene lineages in the sexually deceptive Chiloglottis (Orchidaceace) 
    Phenotypic plasticity of floral volatiles in response to increasing drought stress 
    Scent matters: differential contribution of scent to insect response in flowers with insect vs. wind pollination traits 
    Spatiotemporal variation in the pollination systems of a supergeneralist plant: is Angelica sylvestris (Apiaceae) locally adapted to its most effective pollinators? 

    Diel pattern of floral scent emission matches the relative importance of diurnal and nocturnal pollinators in populations of Gymnadenia conopsea 
    "Methanol induces cytosolic calcium variations, membrane depolarization and ethylene production in arabidopsis and tobacco" 
    Riding on the wind: volatile compounds dictate selection of grassland seedlings by snails 
    Revisiting bacterial volatile-mediated plant growth promotion: lessons from the past and objectives for the future 

    Nutrient availability affects floral scent much less than other floral and vegetative traits in Lithophragma bolanderi 
    "Coevolution with pollinating resin midges led to resin-filled nurseries in the androecia, gynoecia and tepals of Kadsura (Schisandraceae)" 
    "Leaf anatomy, BVOC emission and CO2 exchange of arctic plants following snow addition and summer warming" 
    "Floral morphology and anatomy of Ophiocaryon, a paedomorphic genus of Sabiaceae" 
    Understanding intraspecific variation of floral scent in light of evolutionary ecology 
    Unveiling the osmophores of Philodendron adamantinum (Araceae) as a means to understanding interactions with pollinators 
    Terpenoids in plant and arbuscular mycorrhiza-reinforced defence against herbivorous insects 

    Low tolerance to simulated herbivory in Hawaiian seedlings despite induced changes in photosynthesis and biomass allocation 
    Evolution and diversity of floral scent chemistry in the euglossine bee-pollinated orchid genus Gongora 
    Circadian rhythm of a Silene species favours nocturnal pollination and constrains diurnal visitation 
    The pectic disaccharides lepidimoic acid and beta-d-xylopyranosyl-(1-->3)-d-galacturonic acid occur in cress-seed exudate but lack allelochemical activity 
    Something in the air? The impact of volatiles on mollusc attack of oilseed rape seedlings 
    Slow food: insect prey and chitin induce phytohormone accumulation and gene expression in carnivorous Nepenthes plants 

    Aphid-repellent pheromone E-beta-farnesene is generated in transgenic Arabidopsis thaliana over-expressing farnesyl diphosphate synthase2 
    "Are tetraploids more successful? Floral signals, reproductive success and floral isolation in mixed-ploidy populations of a terrestrial orchid" 
    Below-ground herbivory limits induction of extrafloral nectar by above-ground herbivores 
    Mechanisms and ecological consequences of plant defence induction and suppression in herbivore communities 
    Capture of algae promotes growth and propagation in aquatic Utricularia 
    UV-B light contributes directly to the synthesis of chiloglottone floral volatiles 
    Ripening of pepper (Capsicum annuum) fruit is characterized by an enhancement of protein tyrosine nitration 
    Pollination of Specklinia by nectar-feeding Drosophila: the first reported case of a deceptive syndrome employing aggregation pheromones in Orchidaceae 
    "Red:far-red light conditions affect the emission of volatile organic compounds from barley (Hordeum vulgare), leading to altered biomass allocation in neighbouring plants" 

    First record of bat-pollination in the species-rich genus Tillandsia (Bromeliaceae) 
    Floral scent in natural hybrids of Ipomopsis (Polemoniaceae) and their parental species 
    Floral odour chemistry defines species boundaries and underpins strong reproductive isolation in sexually deceptive orchids 
    Caught in the act: pollination of sexually deceptive trap-flowers by fungus gnats in Pterostylis (Orchidaceae) 
    Floral adaptation to local pollinator guilds in a terrestrial orchid 
    Do pollinator distributions underlie the evolution of pollination ecotypes in the Cape shrub Erica plukenetii? 
    A pollinator shift explains floral divergence in an orchid species complex in South Africa 

    Current methods for detecting ethylene in plants 
    Extreme divergence in floral scent among woodland star species (Lithophragma spp.) pollinated by floral parasites 
    Herbivory-induced mortality increases with radial growth in an invasive riparian phreatophyte 
    "How slug herbivory of juvenile hybrid willows alters chemistry, growth and subsequent susceptibility to diverse plant enemies" 
    Effects of insect herbivory on induced chemical defences and compensation during early plant development in Penstemon virgatus 
    The mechanism of pollinator specificity between two sympatric fig varieties: a combination of olfactory signals and contact cues 
    The production of a key floral volatile is dependent on UV light in a sexually deceptive orchid 
    Olfactory selection of Plantago lanceolata by snails declines with seedling age 
    A unifying conceptual model for the environmental responses of isoprene emissions from plants 
    "Patterns of odour emission, thermogenesis and pollinator activity in cones of an African cycad: what mechanisms apply?" 
    A pollinators' eye view of a shelter mimicry system 
    Specificity of extrafloral nectar induction by herbivores differs among native and invasive populations of tallow tree 

    Morphologies and elemental compositions of calcium crystals in phyllodes and branchlets of Acacia robeorum (Leguminosae: Mimosoideae) 
    Defence on demand: mechanisms behind optimal defence patterns 
    "Floral features, pollination biology and breeding system of Chloraea membranacea Lindl. (Orchidaceae: Chloraeinae)" 
    Floral and vegetative cues in oil-secreting and non-oil-secreting Lysimachia species 
    "Trampling, defoliation and physiological integration affect growth, morphological and mechanical properties of a root-suckering clonal tree" 

    Carrion mimicry in a South African orchid: flowers attract a narrow subset of the fly assemblage on animal carcasses 
    "Variation in highbush blueberry floral volatile profiles as a function of pollination status, cultivar, time of day and flower part: implications for flower visitation by bees" 
    Why do so many petals have conical epidermal cells? 

    "Floral scents repel facultative flower visitors, but attract obligate ones" 
    Climate change and invasion by intracontinental range-expanding exotic plants: the role of biotic interactions 
    "Orthoptera, a new order of pollinator" 

    Indirect suppression of photosynthesis on individual leaves by arthropod herbivory 
    Floral thermogenesis of three species of Hydnora (Hydnoraceae) in Africa 
    A key role for floral scent in a wasp-pollination system in Eucomis (Hyacinthaceae) 
    Pollinator convergence and the nature of species' boundaries in sympatric Sardinian Ophrys (Orchidaceae) 
    Realized tolerance to nectar robbing: compensation to floral enemies in Ipomopsis aggregata 
    Pollination biology of Eulophia alta (Orchidaceae) in Amazonia: effects of pollinator composition on reproductive success in different populations 
    On the roles of colour and scent in a specialized floral mimicry system 

    The impact of biochemistry vs. population membership on floral scent profiles in colour polymorphic Hesperis matronalis 
    Cockroaches as pollinators of Clusia aff. sellowiana (Clusiaceae) on inselbergs in French Guiana 
    Plant enemy-derived elicitors increase the foliar tannin concentration of Onobrychis viciifolia without a trade-off to growth 
    Reproductive and competitive interactions among gametophytes of the allotetraploid fern Dryopteris corleyi and its two diploid parents 

    Extrafloral nectaries in aspen (Populus tremuloides): heritable genetic variation and herbivore-induced expression 
    Solar ultraviolet-B radiation and insect herbivory trigger partially overlapping phenolic responses in Nicotiana attenuata and Nicotiana longiflora 
    Variability in floral scent in rewarding and deceptive orchids: the signature of pollinator-imposed selection? 
    "The role of beetle marks and flower colour on visitation by monkey beetles (hopliini) in the greater cape floral region, South Africa" 

    "Chemical and histochemical analysis of 'Quatre Saisons Blanc Mousseux', a Moss Rose of the Rosa x damascena group" 
    Floral scent diversity is differently expressed in emitted and endogenous components in Petunia axillaris lines 
    "Bird pollination in an angraecoid orchid on Reunion Island (Mascarene Archipelago, Indian Ocean)" 
    Radiation of pollination systems in the Iridaceae of sub-Saharan Africa 
    Shoot development and extension of Quercus serrata saplings in response to insect damage and nutrient conditions 
    Wound-induced oxidative responses in mountain birch leaves 
    The role of thermogenesis in the pollination biology of the Amazon waterlily Victoria amazonica 
    Rapid accumulation of trihydroxy oxylipins and resistance to the bean rust pathogen Uromyces fabae following wounding in Vicia faba 

    "Chiropterophily in Sinningieae (Gesneriaceae): Sinningia brasiliensis and Paliavana prasinata are bat-pollinated, but P. sericiflora is not. Not yet?" 

    Interspecific variation of plant traits associated with resistance to herbivory among four species of Ficus (moraceae) 

    "The pollination of Trimenia moorei (Trimeniaceae): floral volatiles, insect/wind pollen vectors and stigmatic self-incompatibility in a basal angiosperm" 

    Induced systemic resistance (ISR) against pathogens in the context of induced plant defences 

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