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Animals (Basel)

    Tannic Acid Induces Intestinal Dysfunction and Intestinal Microbial Dysregulation in Brandt's Voles (Lasiopodomys brandtii) 
    Infection with Cryptosporidium parvum Affects Secondary Sexual Characteristics of Male Mice by Altering the Pheromone Content in Preputial Gland 
    Effects of Different-Syllable Aggressive Calls on Food Intake and Gene Expression in Vespertilio sinensis 
    The Evanescent Bouquet of Individual Bear Fingerprint 
    Development of a Cat Behaviour Issues Assessment Scale (CABIAS) Assessing Problem Behaviours in Cats 
    Does the Environmental Air Impact the Condition of the Vomeronasal Organ? A Mouse Model for Intensive Farming 
    The Effect of a Synthetic Scent on Cheetah Behaviour 
    Effects of Processing Methods and Inclusion Levels of Dried Garlic on In Vitro Fermentation and Methane Production in a Corn Silage-Based Substrate 

    Effects of a Novel Gel Formulation of Dog Appeasing Pheromone (DAP) on Behavioral and Physiological Stress Responses in Dogs Undergoing Clinical Examination 
    Liver Receptor homolog-1 Regulates Apoptosis of Bovine Ovarian Granulosa Cells by Progestogen Receptor Signaling Pathway 
    A Review of the Diversity of the Genital Tract Microbiome and Implications for Fertility of Cattle 
    From In Vitro Data to In Vivo Interspecies Danger Communication: A Study of Chemosensing via the Mouse Grueneberg Ganglion 
    Body Odours as Lures for Stoats Mustela erminea: Captive and Field Trials 
    Assessment of Biostimulation Methods Based on Chemical Communication in Female Doe Reproduction 
    Effects of Anthocyanin Supplementation and Ageing Time on the Volatile Organic Compounds and Sensory Attributes of Meat from Goat Kids 
    Chemical Characterization of the Marking Fluid of Breeding and Non-Breeding Male Cheetahs 
    Owner-Perception of the Effects of Two Long-Lasting Dog-Appeasing Pheromone Analog Devices on Situational Stress in Dogs 
    Metabolic Profiling Reveals That the Olfactory Cues in the Duck Uropygial Gland Potentially Act as Sex Pheromones 
    Diversity of Volatile Compounds in Raw Milk with Different n-6 to n-3 Fatty Acid Ratio 
    The Use of Attractants to Stimulate Neonatal Piglet Interest in Rope Enrichment 
    "Administering an Appeasing Substance to Improve Performance, Neuroendocrine Stress Response, and Health of Ruminants" 
    Recognition of an Odour Pattern from Paenibacillus larvae Spore Samples by Trained Detection Dogs 
    Group Reunion in Zoo European Wildcats Using Cat Appeasing Pheromone (CAP) and Gradual Release of the Animals in the Exhibit-A Case Study 
    Body Condition and Breeding of Urban Red Squirrels: Comparison of Two Populations Affected by Different Levels of Urbanization 
    'Move or Not to Move'-Red Deer Stags Movement Activity during the Rut 
    Is There a Link between Vomeronasalitis and Aggression in Stable Social Groups of Female Pigs? 
    A Feline Semiochemical Composition Influences the Cat's Toileting Location Choice 
    Influencing Elimination Location in the Domestic Cat: A Semiochemical Approach 
    Active Dry Yeast and Thiamine in Synergistic Mode Can Mitigate Adverse Effects of In Vitro Ruminal Acidosis Model of Goats 

    A Comparison of the Colonic Microbiome and Volatile Organic Compound Metabolome of Anoplocephala perfoliata Infected and Non-Infected Horses: A Pilot Study 
    The Case of Atypical Sexual Attractiveness in a Male Domestic Dog-A Case Study 
    "The Effects of Androstenone on the Plasma Serotonin, beta-Endorphin, and Cortisol Concentrations in Thoroughbred Horses" 
    Understanding the Role of Semiochemicals on the Reproductive Behaviour of Cheetahs (Acinonyx jubatus)-A Review 
    "Supplement Based on Fermented Milk Permeate for Feeding Newborn Calves: Influence on Blood, Growth Performance, and Faecal Parameters, including Microbiota, Volatile Compounds, and Fatty and Organic Acid Profiles" 
    The Chemical Ecology of Elephants: 21st Century Additions to Our Understanding and Future Outlooks 
    Neuroanatomical and Immunohistological Study of the Main and Accessory Olfactory Bulbs of the Meerkat (Suricata suricatta) 
    Appeasing Pheromones for the Management of Stress and Aggression during Conservation of Wild Canids: Could the Solution Be Right under Our Nose? 
    Evaluation of TiO(2) Based Photocatalytic Treatment of Odor and Gaseous Emissions from Swine Manure with UV-A and UV-C 
    Sperm Metabolomics through Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy 
    Camera Trapping to Assess Status and Composition of Mammal Communities in a Biodiversity Hotspot in Myanmar 
    Histological and Immunohistochemical Characterization of Vomeronasal Organ Aging in Mice 
    Volatile Organic Compound Profiles Associated with Microbial Development in Feedlot Pellets Inoculated with Bacillus amyloliquefaciens H57 Probiotic 
    Altered Hypoxia-Induced and Heat Shock Protein Immunostaining in Secondary Hair Follicles Associated with Changes in Altitude and Temperature in Tibetan Cashmere Goats 
    The Untrained Response of Pet Dogs to Human Epileptic Seizures 
    Appeasing Pheromones against Bovine Respiratory Complex and Modulation of Immune Transcript Expressions 
    Morphological and Histological Features of the Vomeronasal Organ in African Pygmy Hedgehog (Atelerix albiventris) 

    "Volatile Organic Compounds, Oxidative and Sensory Patterns of Vacuum Aged Foal Meat" 
    "The Relationship between Hunting Methods and the Sex, Age and Body Mass of Wild Boar Sus scrofa" 
    beta-Sitosterol Attenuates High Grain Diet-Induced Inflammatory Stress and Modifies Rumen Fermentation and Microbiota in Sheep 
    Volatile Cues Influence Host-Choice in Arthropod Pests 
    The Role of Urine in Semiochemical Communication between Females and Males of Domestic Dog (Canis familiaris) during Estrus 
    Influence of ADAPTIL((R)) during the Weaning Period: A Double-Blinded Randomised Clinical Trial 
    "Gas Production, Digestibility and Efficacy of Stored or Fresh Plant Extracts to Reduce Methane Production on Different Substrates" 
    Effects of Olfactory and Auditory Enrichment on Heart Rate Variability in Shelter Dogs 
    Effects of Olfactory and Auditory Enrichment on the Behaviour of Shelter Dogs 
    A Data-Driven Prediction Method for an Early Warning of Coccidiosis in Intensive Livestock Systems: A Preliminary Study 
    Effect of Feeding Adaptation of Italian Simmental Cows before Summer Grazing on Animal Behavior and Milk Characteristics 
    "Effect of Different Percentage of Camelina sativa Cake in Laying Hens Diet: Performance, Welfare, and Eggshell Quality" 
    "How Volatile Compounds, Oxidative Profile and Sensory Evaluation Can Change with Vacuum Aging in Donkey Meat" 
    Feed Preference Response of Weaner Bull Calves to Bacillus amyloliquefaciens H57 Probiotic and Associated Volatile Organic Compounds in High Concentrate Feed Pellets 
    "Issues and Opportunities Associated with Trophy Hunting and Tourism in Khunjerab National Park, Northern Pakistan" 

    Equine Activities Influence Horses' Responses to Different Stimuli: Could This Have an Impact on Equine Welfare? 
    Multi-Farm Analyses Indicate a Novel Boar Pheromone Improves Sow Reproductive Performance 
    Are Tail and Ear Movements Indicators of Emotions in Tail-Docked Pigs in Response to Environmental Enrichment? 
    The Impact of Equine-Assisted Therapy on Equine Behavioral and Physiological Responses 
    "Association of Age with the Expression of Hypoxia-Inducible Factors HIF-1alpha, HIF-2alpha, HIF-3alpha and VEGF in Lung and Heart of Tibetan Sheep" 
    Preliminary Study: Depriving Piglets of Maternal Feces for the First Seven Days Post-Partum Changes Piglet Physiology and Performance before and after Weaning 
    "Aromatic Profile, Physicochemical and Sensory Traits of Dry-Fermented Sausages Produced without Nitrites Using Pork from Krskopolje Pig Reared in Organic and Conventional Husbandry" 

    Impact of Androstenone on Leash Pulling and Jumping Up in Dogs 

    Construction and Operation of a Ventilated Hood System for Measuring Greenhouse Gas and Volatile Organic Compound Emissions from Cattle 

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