Lure & Bait Development

Are you searching for specialised lures to monitor a specific insect pest? Look no further. ​With our proven expertise in developing semiochemical-based solutions, we excel in creating tailored baits. Reach out to us today and benefit from our experience in providing effective and precise pest monitoring solutions.

Application of Semiochemicals in Pest Management

Our commitment is to offer innovative, environmentally friendly pest management solutions using semiochemicals. By employing these natural chemical signals, we aim to mitigate pest issues effectively while minimizing the ecological footprint.


Whether you’re navigating pest control, ecological studies, or behavioral research, our consultancy is equipped to guide you towards effective solutions. Let us empower your endeavors with our specialized knowledge and experience in pheromones and semiochemicals.


Our speciality lies in developing cutting-edge hardware and software solutions finely tuned for the intricate demands of chemical ecology research. Our diverse suite of services is purpose-built to enhance and optimise research pursuits within this dynamic field.

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