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Embrace the Chemical Dialogue of Life with The Pherobase

  • The world’s largest database of behaviour-modifying chemicals
  • Contain over 30,000 species entries, 28,000 semiochemicals, 185,000+ organic compounds, and half-millon pages
  • It includes mass spectral data, NMR, and synthesis data for over 55,000 organic compounds
  • Extensively linked, user-friendly, and easy to understand and follow
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The Piezoelectric Micro-Sprayer

The Piezoelectric Micro-Sprayer is a device for releasing semiochemicals or odours that provides significant advantages over passive substrates (i.e. filter paper, rubber septa, etc) for releasing semiochemicals or odours. It allows for precise release of semiochemicals and odours during the entire course of an experiment.

  • Preciseness/Ratio: It can release any mixture of semiochemicals or odours at constant ratios and rates
  • Preciseness/Dose: precise release of semiochemicals and odours during the entire course of an experiment
  • Precisenes/Droplets: It produces micro droplets with uniform sizes, allowing for controlled delivery of liquids
  • Efficiency/Power: It use minimal energy to produce micro droplets, making them suitable for battery-powered devices for field application
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Piezoelectric Micro-Sprayer is a new device for releasing semiochemicals or odours at precise release during the entire course of an experiment. Release rate can be set to almost any value…

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