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    Review: Effect of essential fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acid on the adaptive physiology of dairy cows during the transition period 
    Review: Reducing enteric methane emissions improves energy metabolism in livestock: is the tenet right? 
    Evaluating the effect of phenolic compounds as hydrogen acceptors when ruminal methanogenesis is inhibited in vitro - Part 2. Dairy goats 

    Exploration of robustness indicators using adaptive responses to short-term feed restriction in suckling primiparous beef cows 
    Milk fat depression and plasma lipids in dairy cows and goats 
    "Review: Implication of redox imbalance in animal health and performance at critical periods, insights from different farm species" 
    "Review: Assessment of dairy cow welfare at pasture: measures available, gaps to address, and pathways to development of ad-hoc protocols" 

    Thiamine modulates intestinal morphological structure and microbiota under subacute ruminal acidosis induced by a high-concentrate diet in Saanen goats 
    "Short- and mid-term effects on performance, health and qualitative behavioural assessment of Romane lambs in different milk feeding conditions" 
    Pedigree analysis in the Polish Red cattle population 
    Effects of bismuth subsalicylate and calcium-ammonium nitrate on ruminal in vitro fermentation of bahiagrass hay with supplemental molasses 
    "Effects of condensed tannin-amended cassava silage blend diets on feeding behavior, digestibility, nitrogen balance, milk yield and milk composition in dairy goats" 

    Conditions for assessing cortisol in sheep: the total form in blood v. the free form in saliva 
    Short communication: administering an appeasing substance to Bos indicus-influenced beef cattle at weaning and feedlot entry 

    Effects of starch-rich or lipid-supplemented diets that induce milk fat depression on rumen biohydrogenation of fatty acids and methanogenesis in lactating dairy cows 
    Benefits of a multimodal analgesia compared to local anesthesia alone to alleviate pain following castration in sheep: a multiparametric approach 

    Impact of black soldier fly larvae meal on the chemical and nutritional characteristics of rainbow trout fillets 
    Properties and aromatic profile of dry-fermented sausages produced from Krskopolje pigs reared under organic and conventional rearing regime 
    Relative reticulo-rumen pH indicators for subacute ruminal acidosis detection in dairy cows 

    Effects of a chronic stress treatment on vaccinal response in lambs 
    Effect of age and carcass weight on quality traits of m. rectus abdominis from Charolais heifers 
    A multiparametric approach to discriminate the impacts of different degrees of invasiveness of surgical procedures in sheep 
    A natural interomone 2-methyl-2-butenal stimulates feed intake and weight gain in weaned pigs 

    "Review: Towards the agroecological management of ruminants, pigs and poultry through the development of sustainable breeding programmes. II. Breeding strategies" 
    Use of dietary rosemary diterpenes to inhibit rancid volatiles in lamb meat packed under protective atmosphere 

    Gene expression during testis development in Duroc boars 
    Volatiles in raw and cooked meat from lambs fed olive cake and linseed 
    Environmental enrichment reduces behavioural alterations induced by chronic stress in Japanese quail 
    Frequent moving of grazing dairy cows to new paddocks increases the variability of milk fatty acid composition 

    Effects of fish oil and additional starch on tissue fatty acid profile and lipogenic gene mRNA abundance in lactating goats fed a diet containing sunflower-seed oil 
    Effects of different tannin-rich extracts and rapeseed tannin monomers on methane formation and microbial protein synthesis in vitro 
    Repeated acidosis challenges and live yeast supplementation shape rumen microbiota and fermentations and modulate inflammatory status in sheep 

    Effects of species-diverse high-alpine forage on in vitro ruminal fermentation when used as donor cow's feed or directly incubated 

    Myostatin inactivation induces a similar muscle molecular signature in double-muscled cattle as in mice 
    "Hypothalamic expression of genes for appetite regulators and estrogen alpha, estrogen beta and leptin receptors in obese dams and their fetuses" 
    Salt intake and reproductive function in sheep 
    Comparison of meat and carcass quality in organically reared and conventionally reared pasture-fed lambs 

    "The stimulatory effect of the organic sulfur supplement, mercaptopropane sulfonic acid on cellulolytic rumen microorganisms and microbial protein synthesis in cattle fed low sulfur roughages" 
    Pig meat quality from entire males 
    "Biochemical, nutritional and genetic effects on boar taint in entire male pigs" 

    Meta-analysis of 0 to 8 h post-prandial evolution of ruminal pH 
    Food restriction and refeeding in lambs influence muscle antioxidant status 
    Dairy ruminant exposure to persistent organic pollutants and excretion to milk 

    The reactivity of neonatal rabbits to the mammary pheromone as a probe for viability 

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