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    Testing the effect of individual scent compounds on pollinator attraction in nature using quasi-isogenic Capsella lines 
    Intrafloral patterns of color and scent in Capparis spinosa L. and the ghosts of its selection past 
    "Night and day: Contributions of diurnal and nocturnal visitors to pollen dispersal, paternity diversity and fruit set in an early-blooming shrub, Daphne jezoensis" 
    Variation in ripe fruit volatiles across the tomato clade: An evolutionary framework for studying fruit scent diversity in a crop wild relative 

    Evidence of floral rewards in Brasiliorchis supports the convergent evolution of food-hairs in Maxillariinae 
    The Boechera model system for evolutionary ecology 
    Growth rate and life history shape plant resistance to herbivores 
    Antheridiogen controls spatial dynamics of sex expression in naturally occurring gametophytes of the tree fern Cyathea multiflora 
    "Among- and within-population variation in morphology, rewards, and scent in a hawkmoth-pollinated plant" 
    Population-specific responses of floral volatiles to abiotic factors in changing environments 
    Evolution of selfing syndrome and its influence on genetic diversity and inbreeding: A range-wide study in Oenothera primiveris 
    "Variation in floral volatiles across time, sexes, and populations of wind-pollinated Schiedea globosa" 
    Genetic and spatial variation in vegetative and floral traits across a hybrid zone 
    Broad diversity in monoterpene-sesquiterpene balance across wild sunflowers: Implications of leaf and floral volatiles for biotic interactions 

    Induced defense and its cost in two bryophyte species 
    Floral traits differentiate pollination syndromes and species but fail to predict the identity of floral visitors to Castilleja 
    "'As if they discovered it by the scent': improving our understanding of the chemical ecology, evolution, and genetics of floral scent and its role in pollination" 
    "Herbivory and jasmonate treatment affect reproductive traits in wild Lima bean, but without transgenerational effects" 
    Inbreeding in Solanum carolinense alters floral attractants and rewards and adversely affects pollinator visitation 

    "Localized defense induction in trees: a mosaic of leaf traits promoting variation in plant traits, predation, and communities of canopy arthropods?" 

    Testing the hypothesis of loss of defenses on islands across a wide latitudinal gradient of Periploca laevigata populations 
    Herbivore resistance in congeneric and sympatric Nothofagus species is not related to leaf habit 
    Floral adaptations of two lilies: implications for the evolution and pollination ecology of huge trumpet-shaped flowers 
    Reproductive isolation among three sympatric Achimenes species: pre- and post-pollination components 
    Within-plant heterogeneity in fecundity and herbivory induced by localized DNA hypomethylation in the perennial herb Helleborus foetidus 

    Less is more: Independent loss-of-function OCIMENE SYNTHASE alleles parallel pollination syndrome diversification in monkeyflowers (Mimulus) 

    Species interactions and plant polyploidy 
    Floral scent of Joshua trees (Yucca brevifolia sensu lato): Divergence in scent profiles between species but breakdown of signal integrity in a narrow hybrid zone 
    "Geographic structuring and transgenerational maternal effects shape germination in native, but not introduced, populations of a widespread plant invader" 
    Insect-induced plant phenotypes: Revealing mechanisms through comparative genomics of galling insects and their hosts 

    Diversity of fig glands is associated with nursery mutualism in fig trees 
    "Specificity of induced defenses, growth, and reproduction in lima bean (Phaseolus lunatus) in response to multispecies herbivory" 
    Dynamic extrafloral nectar production: the timing of leaf damage affects the defensive response in Senna mexicana var. chapmanii (Fabaceae) 

    Attracting mutualists and antagonists: plant trait variation explains the distribution of specialist floral herbivores and pollinators on crops and wild gourds 
    Suppression of native Melaleuca ericifolia by the invasive Phragmites australis through allelopathic root exudates 
    Plant inbreeding and prior herbivory influence the attraction of caterpillars (Manduca sexta) to odors of the host plant Solanum carolinense (Solanaceae) 
    Shift from bird to butterfly pollination in Clivia (Amaryllidaceae) 
    Ecological relationship between floral thermogenesis and pollination in Nelumbo lutea (Nelumbonaceae) 

    Community shifts under climate change: mechanisms at multiple scales 
    "Gas exchange, growth, and defense responses of invasive Alliaria petiolata (Brassicaceae) and native Geum vernum (Rosaceae) to elevated atmospheric CO2 and warm spring temperatures" 
    Dramatic vestigialization of floral fragrance across a transition from outcrossing to selfing in Abronia umbellata (Nyctaginaceae) 
    Constitutive and herbivore-induced structural defenses are compromised by inbreeding in Solanum carolinense (Solanaceae) 

    Nitrogen enrichment differentially affects above- and belowground plant defense 
    The relative contributions of insect and bird pollinators to outcrossing in an African Protea (Proteaceae) 
    "The importance of ecological constraints on the control of multi-species treeline dynamics in eastern Nunavik, Quebec" 

    Pollination and protection against herbivory of Nepalese Coelogyninae (Orchidaceae) 
    Invasive knotweed affects native plants through allelopathy 
    Strong phylogenetic effects on floral scent variation of oil-secreting orchids in South Africa 
    "Soil fungal effects on floral signals, rewards, and aboveground interactions in an alpine pollination web" 

    The role of nodding stems in the goldenrod-gall-fly interaction: A test of the 'ducking' hypothesis 
    Resource use efficiency and community effects of invasive Hypochaeris radicata (Asteraceae) during primary succession 
    A case study of modified interactions with symbionts in a hybrid mediterranean orchid 

    "Pollinators, 'mustard oil' volatiles, and fruit production in flowers of the dioecious tree Drypetes natalensis (Putranjivaceae)" 
    The evolution of floral variation without pollinator shifts in Gorteria diffusa (Asteraceae) 
    Leaf herbivory increases floral fragrance in male but not female Cucurbita pepo subsp. texana (Cucurbitaceae) flowers 

    Geographic divergence in floral morphology and scent in Linanthus dichotomus (Polemoniaceae) 
    Scent variation and hybridization cause the displacement of a sexually deceptive orchid species 
    Nutrient stress and gall flies interact to affect floral-sex ratio in gynomonoecious Solidago altissima (Asteraceae) 

    Specialization for pollination by beetles and wasps: the role of lollipop hairs and fragrance in Satyrium microrrhynchum (Orchidaceae) 
    Do antheridiogens act via gametophyte size? A study of Woodwardia radicans (Blechnaceae) 

    "Floral syndromes accurately predict pollination by a specialized oil-collecting bee (Rediviva peringueyi, Melittidae) in a guild of South African orchids (Coryciinae)" 

    Phenotypic plasticity to light competition and herbivory in Chenopodium album (Chenopodiaceae) 
    Chemistry and geographic variation of floral scent in Yucca filamentosa (Agavaceae) 
    "Volatile composition, emission pattern, and localization of floral scent emission in Mirabilis jalapa (Nyctaginaceae)" 

    Localization of production and emission of pollinator attractant on whole leaves of Chamaerops humilis (Arecaceae) 

    The reproductive biology of the invasive ferns Lygodium microphyllum and L. japonicum (Schizaeaceae): implications for invasive potential 
    Floral scents affect reproductive success in fly-pollinated Alocasia odora (Araceae) 

    Variation in floral scent composition within and between populations of Geonoma macrostachys (Arecaceae) in the western Amazon 
    Reproductive effort and herbivory timing in a perennial herb: fitness components at the individual and population levels 

    "A new pollination system: dung-beetle pollination discovered in Orchidantha inouei (Lowiaceae, Zingiberales) in Sarawak, Malaysia" 

    Gall-inducing insects provide insights into plant systematic relationships 
    Phylogeny and radiation of pollination systems in DISA (Orchidaceae) 

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