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For more than ten years now, The Pherobase has been serving the scientific community and providing important information on pheromones and semiochemicals in all aspects of chemical communication in animals and plants. At present, The Pherobase receives an average of 3,000+ visitors per day (100,000+ pageviews per month). According to statistics, The Pherobase site’s traffic will maintain a steady grow rate. The Pherobase is maintained by three people, myself on a voluntary basis and the two other people work part time and paid by an hourly rate, they mainly enter data.

Funds received from our advertising sponsors are being used to pay the two part time personnel. However, this funding is limited and impacts the time spent on data entries. The number of publications on semiochemicals is growing each year and this requires more time for data entry to the Pherobase records. Simply put, more funds that are available means more records and hence a comprehensive coverage of pheromones and semiochemicals.

If you’ve found The Pherobase is a useful resource for your research or your business, you can help us to keep this resource up to date and expand the features by making a small donation. In return, we’ll do our very best to continue improving and updating The Pherobase. You can make a donation via Paypal using the button below. Any contribution, however small, is very much appreciated.