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Ann N Y Acad Sci

    Evolution of moth sex pheromone desaturases 
    Molecular mechanisms underlying PBAN signaling in the silkmoth Bombyx mori 
    Trace amine-associated receptors are olfactory receptors in vertebrates 
    Hormone-mediated reproductive behavior in the red-bellied newt 
    Shaping of Drosophila male courtship posture by a gustatory pheromone 
    Toward identifying sex pheromones in blue crabs: using biomarker targeting within the context of evolutionary chemical ecology 
    Multimodal sensory integration of courtship stimulating cues in Drosophila melanogaster 
    Neuroethology of oviposition behavior in the moth Manduca sexta 
    Functional analysis of the guanylyl cyclase type D signaling system in the olfactory epithelium 
    desat1 and the evolution of pheromonal communication in Drosophila 
    Olfaction in petrels: from homing to self-odor avoidance 
    Molecular basis of odor detection in insects 
    Insect olfactory receptor complex functions as a ligand-gated ionotropic channel 
    The olfactory pathway of adult and larval Drosophila: conservation or adaptation to stage-specific needs? 
    Symposium overview: Evolution of pheromonal communication in insects 

    Psychosocial stress and volatile compounds in preputial glands of rats 
    "Levels of pesticides and polychlorinated biphenyls in selected homes in the Bangkok metropolitan region, Thailand" 
    Study of the current status and factors that influence indoor air pollution in 138 houses in the urban area in Xi'an 

    Health effects of hazardous waste 

    The phylogenetic relationship of the glutamate and pheromone G-protein-coupled receptors in different vertebrate species 
    Regionally specific occurrence of an active sodefrin variant in the red-bellied newt 
    Amphibian pheromones and endocrine control of their secretion 
    Further studies of lipid droplets in the bombykol-producing pheromone gland of Bombyx mori 

    The MPN mag: introducing a critical area mediating pheromonal and hormonal regulation of male sexual behavior 

    Vapor transport growth of organic solids in microgravity and unit gravity: some comparisons and results to date 

    Controlled exposures to volatile organic compounds in sensitive groups 
    Repeated formaldehyde effects in an animal model for multiple chemical sensitivity 

    Pheromone-binding proteins of scarab beetles 
    On the nature of mammalian and human pheromones 
    A quantitative model of odor deactivation based on the redox shift of the pheromone-binding protein im moth antennae 
    "Pheromones, the vomeronasal system, and communication. From hormonal responses to individual recognition" 
    "Vomeronasal, olfactory, hormonal convergence in the brain. Cooperation or coincidence?" 
    Sex pheromones and amino acids evoke distinctly different spatial patterns of electrical activity in the goldfish olfactory bulb 
    Using sensory and instrumental data to interpret the effect of storage at elevated temperatures on aroma of Chardonnay wines 
    Partial identification of a new pheromonotropic peptide from Mamestra brassicae 
    "Sensory properties of selected terpenes. Thresholds for odor, nasal pungency, nasal localization, and eye irritation" 
    "Central processing of aggregation pheromones in solitary and gregarious desert locusts, Schistocerca gregaria" 
    Behavioral antagonism in the moth Helicoverpa zea in response to pheromone blends of three sympatric heliothine moth species is explained by one type of antennal neuron 
    Mitral cells and ruffed cells. Two physiologically different types of relay neurons in the olfactory bulb of goldfish 
    "A combinatorial model of odor discrimination using a small array of contiguous, chemically defined glomeruli" 
    Attempts to feed Amblyomma variegatum ticks on artificial membranes 
    Molecular dissection of the genetic targets of ALG7 in the serpentine receptor-mediated signal transduction pathway in yeast 
    Human olfactory bulb: aging of glomeruli and mitral cells and a search for the accessory olfactory bulb 
    Inhibitors of sensillar esterase block reversibly the responses of moth pheromone receptor cells 
    Odorant-binding proteins: structural aspects 
    The human vomeronasal system. A review 

    Efficacy of tail-tag decoys impregnated with pheromone and acaricide for control of bont ticks on cattle 
    Puerto Rico tick program. Potential conversion to an integrated pest management program 

    Ciliate pheromones as early growth factors and cytokines 

    Assessment of neurobehavioral response in humans to low-level volatile organic compound sources 
    Role of vasopressin in aggressive and dominant/subordinate behaviors 
    Afferent projections of the hamster periaqueductal gray. A neural site where vasopressin can stimulate flank marking 
    Human activities as sources of volatile organic compounds in residential environments 
    Vasopressin and the regulation of hamster social behavior 

    Electrophysiological responses of olfactory receptor neurons to stimulation with mixtures of individual pheromone components 
    The chemistry of vomeronasally detected pheromones: characterization of an aphrodisiac protein 

    The role of the vomeronasal organ in behavioral control of reproduction 
    Molecular messengers among insects 

    Physicochemical aspects of odor reception in insects 
    Newer insights into the role and modifications of olfaction in man through clinical studies 
    Olfactory communication in South American primates 
    Predicting olfactory quality from far infrared spectra 

    Logic of mating behavior of Lepidoptera 

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