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Compound - 4-hydroxy-1,7-dioxaspiroundecane [4-Hydroxy-1,7-dioxaspiro[5.5]undecane]

Bedoukain RussellIPM
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Formula: C9H16O3 
MW: 172.22 

[MS]  [ NMR ]  [Behavioural function

Dots surface:

Reference(s) for synthesis of 4-Hydroxy-1,7-dioxaspiro[5.5]undecane [4-hydroxy-1,7-dioxaspiroundecane]

Brinker, U.H., Haghani, A., and Gomann, K. 1985. Spiroacetal formation by carbene (carbenoid) insertion reaction: synthesis of the major constituent of the sex attractant of the olive fly (Dacus oleae). Z. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Engl. 24:230.
Kay, I.T., and Williams, E.X. 1983. Spiroketals: the synthesis of an olive fly pheromone component, 4-hydroxy-1,7dioxaspiro[5.5]undecane, via a novel cation-olefin cyclisation step. Tetrahedron Lett. 24:5915-5918.
Kocienski, P., and Yeates, C. 1983. A new synthesis of 1,7-dioxaspiro[5.5]undecanes. Application to a rectal gland secretion of the olive fruit fly (Dacus oleae). Tetrahedron Lett. 24:3905-3906.
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Mori, K., Uematsu, T., Watanabe, H., Yanagi, K., and Minobe, M. 1984. Synthesis of the enantiomers of 1,7dioxaspiro[5.5]undecane and 4-hydroxy-1,7-dioxaspiro[5.5]undecane, the components of the olive fly pheromone. Tetrahedron Lett. 25:3875-3878.
Mori, K., Watanabe, H., Yanagi, K., and Minobe, M. 1985. Synthesis of the enantiomers of 1,7-dioxaspiro[5.5]undecane, 4-hydroxy-1,7-dioxaspiro[5.5]undecane and 3-hydroxy-1,7-dioxaspiro[5.5]undecane, the components of the olive fruit fly pheromone. Tetrahedron. 41:3663-3672.

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