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Compound - 3me-6-isopropenyl-Z3,9-10Ac [(Z)-3-Methyl-6-isopropenyl-3,9-decadienyl acetate]

Bedoukain RussellIPM
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(Z)-3-Methyl-6-isopropenyl-3,9-decadienyl acetate
(Z)-3-Methyl-6-isopropenyl-3,9-decadienyl acetate

Formula: C16H26O2 
CAS#: 66348-55-8 
MW: 250.38 

[MS]  [ NMR ]  [Behavioural function

Dots surface:

Reference(s) for synthesis of (Z)-3-Methyl-6-isopropenyl-3,9-decadienyl acetate [3me-6-isopropenyl-Z3,9-10Ac]

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Whittaker, M., McArthur, C.R., and Leznoff, C.C. 1985. Asymmetric synthesis towards (3Z,6R)-3-methyl-6-isopropenyl-3,9-decadien-1-yl acetate, a component of the California red scale pheromone. Can. J. Chem. 63:2844.

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