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Floral volatiles of Genus Neofinetia

Order: Asparagales
Family: Orchidaceae
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Bedoukain RussellIPM


Neofinetia falcata Thunberg
Kaiser R  1993 
        2,3-epo-geranyl acetate 
        2,3-epoxy-E2-me-butyl tiglate 
        2-heptyl butyrate 
        2-heptyl hexanoate 
        2me-butyl benzoate 
        2me-butyl butyrate 
        2me-butyl hexanoate 
        2me-E2-butenyl 2me-butanoate 
        2me-E2-butenyl hexanoate 
        2me-E2-butenyl propionate 
        2me-E2-butenyl tiglate 
        2-pentanyl butyrate 
        3me-3-butenyl acetate 
        3me-butyl tiglate 
        3-phenylpropyl acetate 
        3-phenylpropyl butyrate 
        4-terpinenyl acetate 
        acetic acid 
        acetonyl acetone 
        anis alcohol 
        anisyl acetate 
        anisyl butyrate 
        benzyl 2me-butanoate 
        benzyl 3me-butanoate 
        benzyl acetate 
        benzyl benzoate 
        benzyl butyrate 
        benzyl E2-hexenoate 
        benzyl formate 
        benzyl heptanoate 
        benzyl hexanoate 
        benzyl isobutyrate 
        benzyl methyl ether 
        benzyl octanoate 
        benzyl pentanoate 
        benzyl propionate 
        benzyl salicylate 
        benzyl tiglate 
        benzyl Z2-hexenoate 
        beta-ionone epoxide 
        bornyl acetate 
        butyl benzoate 
        butyl butyrate 
        butyl hexanoate 
        butyl laurate 
        butyl octanoate 
        butyl octenoate 
        butyl pentanoate 
        butyl tiglate 
        butyl Z3-hexenoate 
        caryophyllene oxide 
        cinnamyl alcohol 
        cis-carvone oxide 
        cis-jasmin lactone 
        cis-limonene oxide 
        cis-linalool oxide 
        cis-pyranoid linalool oxide 
        citronellyl acetate 
        citronellyl butyrate 
        citronellyl hexanoate 
        citronellyl pentanoate 
        diethyl carbonate 
        E,E-alpha-farnesene epoxide 
        E,E-farnesyl acetate 
        E-2,3-dihydrofarnesyl acetate 
        E2-me-2-butenyl butyrate 
        E-carveol epoxide 
        E-cinnamyl acetate 
        edulan II 
        E-methyl cinnamate 
        E-methyl geranate 
        E-ocimene oxide 
        E-pyranoid linalool oxide acetate 
        ethyl 2me-butanoate 
        ethyl 2-methoxybenzoate 
        ethyl acetate 
        ethyl benzoate 
        ethyl butyrate 
        ethyl citronellate 
        ethyl crotonate 
        ethyl decanoate 
        ethyl dodecanoate 
        ethyl hexanoate 
        ethyl octanoate 
        ethyl palmitate 
        ethyl propionate 
        ethyl salicylate 
        ethyl tetradecanoate 
        ethyl trans-cinnamate 
        ethyl undecanoate 
        ethyl Z4-decenoate 
        E-verbenone epoxide 
        geranyl acetate 
        geranyl acetone 
        geranyl tiglate 
        germacrene A 
        germacrene D 
        germacrene D-4-ol 
        heptyl tiglate 
        hexyl 2me-butanoate 
        hexyl benzoate 
        hexyl butyrate 
        hexyl hexanoate 
        hexyl octanoate 
        hexyl pentanoate 
        hexyl tiglate 
        ipsdienol acetate 
        isoamyl isovalerate 
        isobornyl acetate 
        isobutyl acetate 
        isobutyl benzoate 
        isobutyl butyrate 
        isopentyl acetate 
        isopentyl benzoate 
        isopentyl butyrate 
        isopentyl salicylate 
        isoprenyl benzoate 
        isoprenyl hexanoate 
        lauric acid 
        lavandulyl acetate 
        lilac acetate 
        lilac alcohol 
        lilac alcohol A 
        lilac alcohol B 
        lilac alcohol C 
        lilac alcohol D 
        lilac aldehyde 
        lilac aldehyde A 
        lilac aldehyde B 
        lilac aldehyde C 
        lilac aldehyde D 
        linalool acetate 
        me cis-dehydrojasmonate 
        me trans-dehydrojasmonate 
        methyl 2-oxo-3me-pentanoate 
        methyl 3me-octanoate 
        methyl anthranilate 
        methyl benzoate 
        methyl butyrate 
        methyl decanoate 
        methyl decatrienoate 
        methyl dodecanoate 
        methyl epijasmonate 
        methyl eugenol 
        methyl heptanoate 
        methyl hexanoate 
        methyl isobutyrate 
        methyl isovalerate 
        methyl nicotinate 
        methyl nonanoate 
        methyl octanoate 
        methyl o-toluate 
        methyl palmitate 
        methyl p-anisate 
        methyl pentadecanoate 
        methyl pentanoate 
        methyl phenylacetate 
        methyl salicylate 
        methyl tetradecanoate 
        methyl tiglate 
        methyl trans-jasmonate 
        methyl vanillate 
        myrcene oxide 
        nerol oxide 
        neryl acetate 
        neryl acetone 
        octyl butyrate 
        p-anisyl hexanoate 
        pentyl hexanoate 
        pentyl tiglate 
        perilla alcohol 
        phenethyl acetate 
        phenethyl benzoate 
        phenethyl butyrate 
        phenethyl formate 
        phenethyl isovalerate 
        phenethyl tiglate 
        prenyl 3me-butanoate 
        prenyl acetate 
        prenyl benzoate 
        prenyl hexanoate 
        prenyl octanoate 
        propyl benzoate 
        propyl hexanoate 
        propyl tiglate 
        rose oxide 
        trans-carvone oxide 
        trans-limonene oxide 
        trans-linalool oxide 
        trans-pyranoid linalool oxide 
        trans-sabinene hydrate 
        valeric acid 
        Z,E-farnesyl acetate 
        Z3,5-hexadienyl butyrate 
        Z3-hexenyl 2me-butanoate 
        Z3-hexenyl 2me-Z2-butenoate 
        Z3-hexenyl benzoate 
        Z3-hexenyl butyrate 
        Z3-hexenyl formate 
        Z3-hexenyl hexanoate 
        Z3-hexenyl tiglate 
        Z3-hexenyl Z3-hexenoate 
        Z-cinnamyl acetate 
        Z-cinnamyl alcohol 
        Z-methyl cinnamate 
Neofinetia falcata Thunberg
Ono T  1999 
        acetic acid 
        ethyl hexanoate 
        pentyl angelate 
        Z3-hexenyl tiglate 
Neofinetia falcata Thunberg
Holman RT  1973 
        methyl benzoate 

Holman, R.T., and Heimermann, W.H. 1973. Identification of components of orchid fragrances by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. Amer. Orchid Soc. Bull. 42:678-682.
Kaiser, R. 1993. In: The Scent of Orchids: Olfactory and Chemical Investigations, eds. Kaiser, R. Editiones Roche, Basel. 1-260.
Ono, T., and Miyazawa, M. 1999. Headspace constituents of flowers of Neofinetia falcata. Nat. Prod. Lett. 13:53-57.

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